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UN Rights Experts Urge Italy to Seek Return of Illegally Deported Kazakh Mother and Daughter

July 2013 – UN Experts, including Juan E. Méndez, urge Italian authorities to spare no efforts to facilitiate the return to Italy of Kazakh national Ms. Alma Shalabayeva and her six-year-old daughter who were unlawfully deported to Kazakhstan. The circumstances of the deportation give rise to the appearance that this was an extraordinary rendition. Experts also expressed serious concern that authorities appeared to have ignored the fact that Ms. Shalabayeva might be at risk of being persecuted, tortured or subjected to other forms of ill-treatment upon her forcible return to Kazakhstan. International legal obligations prohibit expulsion, refoulement or extradition of a person under such circumstances. Experts urge both Italian and Kazakh authorities to comply with their international obligations and to continue investigations to hold those responsible accountable. Link to original source.

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